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ENVR_SCI, GEOLOGY, & NATRS -- now offered as SOE
As of Fall 2018, courses offered under the subjects “ENVR SCI”, “GEOLOGY”, and “NATRS” are now offered under the new subject -- SOE. Please contact the School of the Environment for additional information.
Priority Registration for Fall 2018
PULLMAN CAMPUS-Registration for fall semester 2018 will begin April 9, 2018 according to the schedule below.

Vet Med Students April 9 (8am)
Business Students April 10 (8am)
Graduate Students April 10 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Post-Bacc April 10 (8am)
Seniors April 10-11 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Juniors April 12-13 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Sophomores April 16-17 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
Freshman April 18-19 (10 min intervals from 8-5pm)
U of I Coop April 23 (8am)
Non-Degree August 16 (8am)

Newly Admitted Students Registration for Fall 2018
PULLMAN CAMPUS-Registration for Fall 2018 will begin according to the schedule below.

First-Year Students March 26 (holds will prevent registering until date of orientation session)
Former Students Returning April 23 (8am)
Exchange April 23 (8am)
Post-Bacc Students April 23 (8am)
Graduate Students May 1 (8am)
Business Students May 1 (8am)
Vet Med Students May 1 (8am)
Non-degree August 16 (8am)

Time to Proof Catalog Copy for Academic Units
Greetings Academic Units! It is time to edit the faculty listing and departmental description of your catalog copy for the WSU 2018 Catalog. Click the related link 'Catalog Proof Copy' at the bottom of this announcement and follow the detailed editing instructions. Changes are due by Friday, April 27, 2018. Thank you! Contact: Barb Schmidtlein,